Hopefully you can get the answer to your question below in our FAQs, however should you have any questions that do not appear please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to buy a copier outright?

No you do not have to buy a copier outright, there are financing options available on all our equipment which our sales advisor's will be more than happy to go through with you.

How many years will my copier last?

Manufacturers usually state a life of 5 years however depending on your volume and availability of parts some can last for longer.

Can a copier do anything else apart from copy?

Long gone are the days where it was one device for each use. Modern day copiers are much more than just a standalone copier. They are now fully networkable for printing, scanning and even faxing.

Do I have to set up the copier myself?

Here at Magenta we will bring the device to site and set it up on your network for you all included in the cost.

Do I get any training on how to use my machine?

Yes, when we install the machine we give you a full demonstration on all of the features. We also give you lifetime support and training

Will you remove my old equipment?

Should you wish us to we will remove any old equipment when we install the new machine.

My machine is jamming, what should i do?

The usual cause of jamming is damp paper, we recommend opening a fresh ream of paper and if the problem persists call us and we will further advise you on your problem.